Programming Practice Online

It always helps students to do more coding problems to help them get the grasp of problem solving and creating programs. There are a lot of practice coding websites online that not only give students practice problems, but also evaluates their solution to see if it’s correct.

Online Coding and Verification

The websites below enable the students to program on the website and evaluate. This means that students can use any computer to program.
This site focuses Java and Python, with more Java problems available. Students and teachers can create accounts. Students can share their progress with the teacher by linking to the teacher account. You can also create your own problem sets on coding bat by following instructions here.

This site focuses solely on Java. It is a great place to practice for AP Computer Science A has it follows a textbook and problems are broken down into topics. Not only does it have programming problems, but also multiple choice, what’s the output, and short answer questions.

This site has a variety of questions that range from beginner to expert. It covers 14 languages and have weekly contests. This is a great website for those that want some more challenging problems. They also have a discussion board for each question.

Online Verification

The websites require users to program a solution on their own computer and then upload the program for verification.

Don Mills Online Judge and P3G
These websites has a lot of different problems from many programming contests. It’s a site run used to give competitive programmers a place to practice. They are run by the programming clubs of their respective schools.

USA Computing Olympiad
This is the website USA uses to run their computing olympiad to determine the team to send to the International Olympiad of Informatics. They also provide lot of practice questions.

CCC Contest System
This is the website Canada uses to determine their International Olympiad of Informatics. It contains a lot of past contest. Your school must be registered to be able to use this website

Other Websites?

Do you use a website that’s not listed here for practice coding? Please share in the comments below.

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