Teacher Day Planner

For the past few years at my school, I’ve designed a teacher planner for my colleagues. Since it was created to be as general and reusable as possible, It consists of only 4 sections (calendar, day notes, attendance, and mark sheet).

The teacher planner was originally designed to be A4 size. In the later iterations, I shrunk it to B5 to make it easier to carry. It still has the same functionality as the A4 size though things are a tad bit smaller.

The teacher planner was sent to a printer and spiral bound. You may also just print it, hole punch it, and put it into a binder.

I’ve included a PDF file for each section. You can click on the images below for a preview.

A PDF version is available below for each of sections below. The daily planner and monthly calendar has been modified to be more general. The original size of the document is B5.


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